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About Us

The Arya family's legacy in Indian transportation began with Air Carrying Corporation, the nation's first private airline post-independence (1948-1969). Though nationalized, the entrepreneurial spirit persisted, leading to ventures in inland waterways, warehousing and road transport, culminating in one of India's largest trucking and warehousing companies.

In 1978, the second generation of the Arya family launched Aryacorp marking our foray into the maritime sector offering dry cargo shipbroking and agency services. Driven by a vision of becoming a world-class maritime leader, the company has steadily garnered respect and goodwill as a trusted partner and advisor for the dry cargo shipping community over the past four decades.

We serve the international bulk shipping community as chartering specialists, fostering beneficial relationships between shipowners and charterers. Our expertise ranges from single cargo freight broking and time charters to executing long-term contracts and period/bareboat charters.

We are renowned for our in-depth technical knowledge, impartial advice, and unwavering professionalism. Trusted by both government and private entities, we serve a global clientele across the entire spectrum of dry cargo vessels, from minibulkers to capesizes. Our expertise spans all major commodity groups, reflecting our commitment to delivering exceptional service across the board.



Our mission is to be a leading force in the global shipping industry by delivering exceptional services through industry expertise, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence with the goal of building lasting relationships with clients and the community as their trusted trade partner.


Our vision is to lead the chartering and shipbroking space by delivering exceptional service and a commitment to excellence. We aim to be the preferred trusted partner, offering innovative solutions. Staying ahead of industry trends, embracing emerging technologies, and maintaining a team of skilled professionals, we aspire to be a driving force shaping the future of the shipping industry.



Aryacorp demonstrates unparalleled client service that goes beyond broking, going the extra mile for their clients and providing valuable insights. Their unwavering drive to service their clients no matter what time of the day and attention to detail makes them an invaluable partner in the shipping industry.

Dymtryk Sng, Louis Dreyfus Company

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